Weigh in on the California Coastal Commission’s newest guidance!
The California Coastal Commission recently hosted a webinar titled, “Introducing the Coastal Commission’s Draft Residential Adaptation Policy Guidance.” A recording of the August 2nd session can be viewed using the link: https://youtu.be/zRVkCMNPQs4. Please feel free to share the link.
Note that Commission staff will be presenting the Introduction to the Draft Policy Guidance on August 9th at the Coastal Commission hearing (Item W6h) and that will be broadcast live and archived as well. (See https://www.coastal.ca.gov/meetings/agenda/#/2017/8)
In addition, another email will go out to announce when our Residential Adaptation Policy Guidance website page is available online. The webpage will contain all relevant information about the policy guidance including any future outreach opportunities and the estimated schedule for completion. We hope to have this ready soon after the Coastal Commission August hearing. You can also contact ResidentialAdaptation@coastal.ca.gov for more information.