Coastal Resilience is a program led by The Nature Conservancy to examine nature’s role in reducing coastal flood risk. The program consists of an approach, a web mapping tool, and a network of practitioners around the world supporting hazard mitigation and climate adaptation planning.


Coastal Resilience projects around the U.S., encompassing 17 coastal states, in the Caribbean, across Mexico and Central America, and a global effort enable planners, government officials, and communities to develop risk reduction, restoration and resilience strategies.

Our Approach

The approach consists of four critical steps:
(1) assess hazard risk and community vulnerability,
(2) identify nature-based solutions,
(3) take conservation and restoration action, and
(4) measure the effectiveness of our actions to reduce flood risk

Natural Solutions

The science of nature-based solutions in reducing flood risk is growing rapidly; Coastal Resilience and our Natural Solutions Toolkit examines when and where they are most effective.