Community and Regional Planning

What are the Community and Regional Planning apps?

icon_activeThe Community and Regional Planning apps are the location where resilient communities host their regional and/or locally specific data to inform their decisions and track their successes.

Users can view local information alongside with other Coastal Resilience data layers which helps support regional and community-level engagement processes. The applications offer the same capabilities to users, but just differ in scale. Both applications allow the user to do the following:

  • Pan zoom to different layers in a list
  • Set transparency and/or zoom to extent
  • Download data
  • Draw areas of interest and get summary statistics for individual layers

icon_activeThe Community Planning app is being used in: Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, California, Connecticut, the Gulf of Mexico, New York, North Carolina, SE Florida, and Washington.

The Regional Planning app is being used in all Coastal Resilience geographies in the U.S. Launch mapping portal. 



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Coastal Resilience Mapping Tool Overview

Coastal Resilience Mapping Tool Overview

The Coastal Resilience web mapping portal allows users to visualize ecological, social, and economic information alongside sea level rise and storm surge scenarios. The tool also includes customized applications or “apps” that cater to the needs of stakeholders, policies and planning processes.