Draft South Carolina Story


Story Needed for South Carolina

by Joy Brown, The Nature Conservancy

Newly planted spartina seedlings in Winyah Bay, South Carolina. Spartina and other grasses are essential for the health of the ecosystem and protecting the land form erosion and other impacts. Photo credit: (c) Kristine Hartvigsen

Related Stories and News – News items and stories are what we will use to keep our website fresh and up to date. Over time you will accumulate a bank of stories and news items that will continue to live and grow on this site keeping readers informed about your great work! For now, please provide at least one of each:

  • News can be a short (one- or two-sentence) blurb about a new paper or report that has just come out, a newspaper article, a blog, etc.)
  • Each will need a photo*
  • Stories are just that – stories about you work. A success story, a failure story, a more in-depth look at something going on within your project area that reads like a story. Please see the following example:

Related Stories and News (example)

The WCS Climate Adaptation Fund just released a new report, 14 Solutions to Problems Climate Change Poses for Conservation, which features six previously funded projects at TNC. Check it out for inspiration!

Enough Pie has assembled a team of artists, scientists, organizations and thought leaders to shine a light on rising waters through public art, parades, lectures, and events for the Awakening V: King Tide.

*Photos should be high resolution to start with and at least 72dpi. Photos also need to include a BRIEF photo caption that is relevant to coastal resilience and a photo credit (who took the photo). Please use photos from TNC’s Photo Vault wherever possible. Photos should show compelling imagery that includes PEOPLE and action.