Western Australia

Acropora coral and blue green chomis on Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Photo credit: Steve Lindfield

This project will begin with community education and outreach, through a series of workshops with international coastal risk reduction experts and government and community stakeholders, focusing on the benefits of different nature-based approaches to coastal protection and climate change mitigation. Next, environmental social and economic data will be used to inform the development of a free, online restoration decision support tool and Conservation Action Planning for use by coastal managers and communities to help prioritize restoration actions for the Peel Harvey Estuary. The project will ultimately lead to a list of priority restoration sites and approaches and a business case to implement nature-based approaches for coastal risk reduction and climate change management, delivered through public-private partnerships.


Visitors explore the salt floor of a nearly dry lake in the Great Western Woodlands of southwestern Western Australia. Photo Credit: Mark Godfrey, The Nature Conservancy